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What Is Call “Fake Food”?

History of Fake Food

Fake food is something that is not frequently seen outside of Japan. However, in recent times, it becomes a hot topic among travelers. Made with such attention to detail, they were erroneously mistaken to be the real thing, and in Japan, it is almost like an art. You can easily find fake food being displayed in restaurants across the streets in Japan.

There are various theories as to when fake food first came into existence, but many believe that it was created somewhere between the late Taisho period (1912 – 1926) and the early Showa period (1926 – 1989). At that time, when customers attempted to order food, they found it difficult to imagine dishes just from their menu descriptions. Fake food was created from that with the intention of lining up food samples that looked exactly like the real thing, which would make it easier for customers to make orders, improving the restaurant’s business.

Also, imagine what would happen if a hungry person came across a display case filled with fake food that looked exactly like the real thing…? The answer is they will definitely want to drop by those restaurants! For both customers and restaurants, fake food was an incredible invention.

Recommended gift from our Fake Food Store

Now you can shop for fake food easily without leaving your country and getting all the way up to Japan. On our online store, we offer a variety of handmade plastic food models that you can buy at a reasonable price. They’re great as souvenirs or for those who would like to display fake food at home! They come with colorful and diverse models, so anyone can definitely adore them at the first sight.

For those who are super into sushi, we have various interesting and unique mini cute sushi slices products. There are also many realistic pieces of fake bread that can make you want to take all of them home. We also have seafood models from shrimp that look exactly like real food to crab, these bunch of products that’ll spice up your everyday life just a little more.

Fake food

Scroll down, you’ll see amazing fake desserts that fake food craftspeople worked really hard to make. All of them are available for purchase, so now you can shop from our store. In particular, fake fruit mini pomegranate is extremely popular with many people around the world.

Our adorable product series of Icecream may cost a little more, but there are plenty of people who purchase them for their children!

When you have a chance to visit Japan, try participating in the fake food crafting workshop held at Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya! It’s no doubt an activity that’s perfect for making memorable moments.


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